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My Personal Introduction

I consider myself as having discovered the computer science belatedly. First was an old computer with Windows 3.11 that belonged to an uncle. I have looked deeply into as much as possible without for all that going further. Indeed, this is just at the university that i really began my learning. This discovery gave me new prospects and objectives. Then, i've begun to code my own websites, programs; to install and use some others OS. So, i reorientate myself gradually until to get a maîtrise at ISTICEducation and Research department in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering of Rennes 1. Today i'm not only a self-taught but also a graduated in IT.

Curriculum Vitae

Last update ~ 2018-07-14

Version "fr-pdf"

Florian (30 years old)

Software developer

06******** (On request)

35000 Rennes
Mobility : Rennes before France


2018: Development of personals documents warehouse part of Web bundled services platform, for the IMIE Services society, during my POEIIndivual Working Training for Job of Java/JEE Developer. Use UML, HTML, CSS, Angular2+, JEE, PostgreSQL, Gitlab.

2017: Sabbatical year (family tree)

2014 →2016: Freelance software developer

  • Web portal using developing CMS in HTML5, CSS3, XML, XSLT and PHP for one midwife surgery, personals websites, one start-up ;
  • Server with Apache, SVN, Owncloud, RSS flow aggregator ;
  • Installation of software at home private.

2013: Analysis of actual web professional application to port for the Android system for the "LVH Électronique" society during my four-month work placement. Use Java, Hibernate, REST, Json with Jersey-REST and GSON, XML, HQL and MySQL.

2011: Development of a "Corynebacterium glutamicum" experimental data warehouse for the University Paris-Sud XII's Genetic and Microbiology Institute during my four-month work placement. Use PHP POO, HTML, CSS, MySQL, UML.

2006 → 2012: Various short jobs as inspector for "Automobile Club de l’Ouest" (24-hours' Mans organisator), or postman for "La Poste".


2018 : POEIIndivual Working Training for Job Java/JEE Developer (399h – in progress), IMIE of Ker-Lann institute of technology
UEs : UML, Java, JEE, Bases de données, HTML, CSS, Angular2+, Outils collaboratifs, Ergonomie, Architecture logciel

2013: Informatic Complementary Expertise Master (Master’s Degree), ISTICEducation and Research department in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering's Rennes 1 University, Rennes, French
UEs: Algorithmique (Graphes, structure de données, complexité), Programmation (Impérative, Objet, Web), Systèmes, Compilation, Bases de données, Conception d’Architectures à Objets et Services

2012: BioInformatic Master 1 (MA), Paris Diderot University, Paris XIIIth arrondissement, French
UEs: Algorithmique, C, Bases de données, Bases de modélisation moléculaire, Simulation, Algorithmique du génome, Bioinformatique génomique

2010: Animal and Human Behavioral Master 1 (MA), not get, Rennes 1 University, Rennes, French

2009: Life science and Earth science Licence (BA), Maine's University, Le Mans, French


Information Technology

Conception → UML, Diagrammes (use case, sequences, class) and Design Patterns

Programming Tools → Eclipse, Vim, Git, SVN, Dia, Balsamiq

Frameworks → Angular2+, Hibernate, Jersey-REST

Operating Systems → GNU/Linux (Fedora / Debian), Android, Windows

Servers → SSH, SVN, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Computing Languages

Low level → C, C++, i8086

Hight level → Java, JEE, Python

Databases → SQL, HQL, XML, Json

Shell → Bash, Screen, MS-DOS

Web → HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript


Technical English