@ferora.fr – My web portal

Warning, your browser have to last version because website use HTML and CSS last technologies.


This portal represent an overview of my informatic and internet activities. It's my open window on World Wild Web.


  • Developing various websites over the years;
  • Developing CMS in HTML5, CSS3, XML, XSLT and PHP (my portal for example);
  • Complete designing and developing of an Android application (client/server) for an enterprise to access at their clients' files moving;
  • Using GNU/Linux distribution since 2008:
    • Ubuntu (GNOME and KDE),
    • Fedora (GNOME Shell),
    • Debian (Mate);
  • Management of a self-hosted server with:
    • OpenSSH,
    • Nginx and Apache,
    • Nextcloud,
    • Git and Gitlab CE,
    • LXC and VirtualBox.



  • Introduction programing lessons;
  • My guild of games:
    • [OFF] basic web pages,
    • [OFF] a Web weekly with 3 authors,
    • [OFF] management of a forum,
    • [ON] a publication website for short and big stories with back office for editing;
  • [ON] A personal blog.